Jennifer Todd Barnard founded Baby Begin, because she’s passionate about educating families on keeping their babies’ heads round. She’s a pediatric occupational therapist who has been treating plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and torticollis, (tight neck), exclusively, since 2000. She is hoping to make a breakthrough and eventually eradicate plagiocephaly as we know it. To that end, she is actively involved in educating physicians, families and other therapists in the community and around the country.

She has developed the “1st Step Plagio Plan,” which promotes awareness, effectively treats torticollis and corrects skull asymmetries through infant physical/occupational therapy, without the use of a helmet. To date, thousands of infants, pediatricians and therapists have benefited from these strategies and if Jennifer Todd Barnard has anything to say about it, there will be a lot more! She is the mommy to one very special little girl, Anabelle, stepmom to two very smart college girls, Lauren/Aubrey, and wife to a really cute tennis pro, Tim. Life is busy and that’s how she likes it!

To get to the heart of why Jennifer Todd Barnard does what she does, you need to hear what her clients have to say about her. A quick perusal of client testimonials yields evidence of immense gratitude for a baby’s “lovely even round head” or “beautifully shaped head.” Parents can say enough good things about her, calling her therapy techniques “invaluable” and praising the “small changes” that will have “huge impact” on their babies’ lives. A misshapen head is more than just a superficial problem; skull deformities have numerous medical and social implications. Jennifer Todd Barnard would like to see every baby have the opportunity to begin life with a beautiful round head. While eradication of plagiocephaly may seem like a dream, the specialists at Baby Begin, under Jennifer’s leadership, are making that dream come true, one baby at a time.