Infant Health | Adjusting Baby to Daylight Saving Time

Infant Health | Adjusting Baby to Daylight Saving Time

Something often left out of advice for new moms is how to deal with daylight saving time. It’s all very well for adults to lose or gain an hour in the spring or fall, but it’s a very different matter for young children and babies. In fact, it can be extremely disruptive to a baby’s schedule, which can be stressful for parents. We have advice for new moms about how to manage the time change and keep your family on an even keel.

  • Stick to a regular schedule. Some of the best things you can do to prepare for a smooth transition to a new time is to get plenty of sleep and keep a regular schedule. If your baby is used to a certain bedtime routine, it’s not too hard to slightly shift it, as long as you keep it consistent with what he’s used to doing.
  • You know it’s coming, so get ready for it! Rather than waiting until the time change and adjusting your family’s schedule by an hour, start early and adjust it by 15 minutes every few days. That way, when you “lose” an hour, you’ll already be used to it and so will your baby. If you miss the opportunity to ease into it, consider splitting the difference, putting your baby to bed 30 minutes earlier the night before the switch, and anticipating a 30-minute earlier “wake up call.”
  • Take control of the lighting in your baby’s room. Room darkening curtains can be a lifesaver, because they keep your baby from being affected by changes in the light outside.
  • Anticipate difficulties, and be patient. If the transition doesn’t work out perfectly, that’s ok. The best advice for new moms we can offer is to be aware that your little one may struggle with the change, and understand that this “baby jet lag” may cause some behavioral shifts. Don’t worry! It will soon get back to normal, as everyone’s bodies get used to the change.

At Baby Begin, we like to give advice for new moms that will make their introduction to parenting easier, and help their babies to thrive. Don’t forget, we offer sleep consulting services if your baby has any sleep issues whatsoever. We are here to help – because everyone needs sleep! For information about Baby Begin, please visit our website or any of our social pages, including Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.   

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