Best Destinations for Traveling with Baby

Best Destinations for Traveling with Baby

Are you ready to start traveling with baby, or does it seem like a daunting task? As spring break approaches and we look forward to summer, it’s a great time to hit a favorite travel destination, whether or not you have a baby in tow! If you’re concerned that traveling with baby may be a hassle for your traditional vacation spots, you might consider these baby-friendly trips, where the whole family can relax and enjoy the time.

  • Theme parks were made for traveling with baby and children in tow. Talk to someone in the know ahead of time, and you’ll be surprised at how many baby-friendly amenities you’ll find, from age appropriate toys to comfortable areas to sit out a ride or swap turns with your spouse.
  • For a beach paradise getaway, you can’t beat Hawaii. While it may be a difficult destination for those on the East Coast, it’s still an exotic locale with all the conveniences you’d expect from any other state. Hawaiian vacations can be created to fit any budget, and island life is relaxed enough for you to keep the schedule you want to keep.
  • If Europe is on your mind, there are some great destinations that are surprisingly baby friendly. London is perfect for leisurely strolling, with plenty of parks and touristy stops to entertain the whole family. Italy is amazing, with great food, beautiful surroundings and locals who love children.
  • If you’re feeling truly adventurous, try Thailand! The culture adores babies as much as the Italians, the beaches are spectacular, and many of the hotels are packed with kid-friendly activities and amenities.
  • San Diego, California has a mild climate and tons of things to do. The water at the family-friendly beaches is warm all year, and attractions such as the San Diego Zoo and LEGOLAND are sure to entertain young kids. Fortunately, there’s also plenty of shopping and dining for the adults to enjoy.
  • Chicago, Illinois is a great urban vacation spot for families. Extremely walkable, it has plenty to offer, from the Ferris wheel on Navy Pier to the Cloud Gate “bean” and Crown Fountain in Millennium Park. Stroll by the lake, rent bikes, shop the Magnificent Mile or visit the Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum. You can take in the city at your own pace, tailoring your adventure to suit your little one’s schedule and needs.
  • Mackinac Island, Michigan is a fun family destination. No cars are allowed, which means plenty of peaceful family strolling, the natural surroundings are beautiful and there’s even a shipwreck to interest your older kids.
  • Consider a cruise for family fun and plenty of amenities. Depending on the cruise line you choose, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for family fun and togetherness, as well as babysitters for when the parents need some down time. It’s easy to return to your cabin when your little one needs a break in the middle of the day, while allowing other family members to continue having fun in the sun.

Whatever your destination, anticipate that traveling with baby may require some extra forethought. Plan to have your plans change, and try to be flexible with your itinerary so that no one is frustrated by the need to stop for a nap or change of clothing. Above all, remember that the whole point of the trip is to spend time enjoying your family and try to remain relaxed and have fun.

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