Advice for New Moms | Dressing Baby for Springtime

Advice for New Moms | Dressing Baby for Springtime

When you’re on the receiving end of advice for new moms, it probably seems like a major chunk of that advice comes from people concerned with how you’re dressing your baby. Well-meaning grandmothers, neighbors and people you meet in the supermarket want to chime in and offer helpful parenting advice. Often they’ll have an opinion about whether your baby is overdressed or underdressed, or ought to be wearing shoes or ought not to be wearing shoes. Who can you trust? The simple answer is to trust your instinct, but to help point it in the right direction, we have some advice for new moms about the best way to dress a baby in the spring.

  • Think layers. When you’re dressing yourself this time of year, you probably pile on the layers. The same concept applies to dressing a baby, and the look of a layered little one is pretty adorable. Starting with an undershirt or onesie, choose natural fabrics with no zippers or heavy seams to irritate your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Babies need an extra layer. Because infants can’t regulate their body temperature as well as adults, they’re at greater risk of over-cooling, even to the point of hypothermia. The younger the child, the more layers she needs to stay comfortable, and very little babies may even need socks and mittens indoors.
  • Top off your little one’s look with a hat. Some of the best advice for new moms comes from other mothers. Your grandmother and mother have probably both told you not to take the baby out without a hat. Hats keep babies’ proportionately large heads from losing too much heat in cold weather, and they also protect against too much springtime sun exposure.
  • Remember the point of layering. What’s the point? Multiple layers, because of the air trapped between them, will keep baby warmer than a single thick layer. The primary reason to choose layers, however, is that they can be adjusted. As soon as you bring baby indoors, take off the excess layers of clothing, so you don’t risk overheating your little one.
  • Check the neck. The best way to tell if your baby is at the perfect temperature is to feel his neck. The nape of a baby’s neck is a much more reliable indicator of his body temperature than his hands or feet.

At Baby Begin, we have plenty of advice for new moms, whether you want to know how to dress your baby properly, or how to prevent flat head syndrome. We love babies and want them to thrive.  That’s why we work with families, using therapy education to help overcome obstacles such as plagiocephaly, torticollis, developmental delays or infant sleep concerns. For information about Baby Begin, please visit our website or any of our social pages, including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.   

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