They say β€œa picture is worth a thousand words,” and the pediatric therapists at Baby Begin agree. Sometimes the success of pediatric therapy is best demonstrated with images. We love to share our before and after pictures from the specialized baby flat head treatment that only Baby Begin can provide. What is even more fun is when our patients share their own torticollis pictures and plagiocephaly pictures. Often, new parents don’t know what these conditions look like, so seeing pictures of torticollis can help determine if Baby Begin would be a good fit for your family. We encourage our current patients to share their stories so other parents can learn from them. Once you see these pictures of flat heads and tight necks, you may then be concerned about your baby. Baby Begin is here to help you and can probably answer any question you may have about plagiocephaly, torticollis or pediatric therapy. First though, enjoy these beautiful babies that we are so fortunate to be working with!