1What is the typical treatment time with Baby Begin?

A baby referred at 2-4 months will need about 2-4 visits, depending on severity. We can spread those visits out and will follow up on your baby as they develop to watch for difficulties with motor milestones like rolling in both directions, sitting squarely on hips, crawling on all fours, walking with a normal gait, etc.
If your baby is older, treatment time varies greatly. It depends on initial severity, parent follow through, baby’s tolerance, growth rate, etc.

2Does Baby Begin take insurance?

We are currently negotiating with the major insurance carriers for in network coverage. At this point, we are considered out of network so you will have to check on your specific coverage for therapy. Physical/Occupational therapy is typically covered but the percentage of reimbursement will vary.

3What type of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment – cash, check, major credit card or health savings account credit cards.

4Who are the therapists that would be working with my baby?

We have physical, occupational and speech therapists working for Baby Begin and they each cover a certain territory. Because of this, we are able to cover most of the Dallas and Houston areas. Each therapist has many years of experience in treating torticollis and has been specifically trained on prevention of plagiocephaly. Several of them worked for the leading supplier of cranial bands, so their experience is unmatched. We believe in quality of care as opposed to quantity. Because of this, we choose our therapists very carefully.

5Why shouldn't I just go to a big hospital for therapy?

If you are shopping for cost alone, then yes, a large outpatient facility is a viable option. But with the high cost of care, we have to remember that prevention is the key to keeping those costs down. If you really want to see changes with the head shape and avoid a helmet, then you need to choose to Baby Begin. We are the only company with the skills and training to address plagiocephaly and currently use only repositioning therapy to correct the skull deformities. Also, our therapists are specialized in the treatment of torticollis (neck tightening), which needs to be addressed immediately. In the end, there is a very good possibility you will save thousands of dollars on therapy and avoidance of a helmet. Our outcomes are excellent and we work with you in your home, which is very effective. Our patients are thrilled their physician gave them our contact information. (Feel free to look at our parent testimonials.)

Also, most outpatient facilities only see their patients for 30 min each visit. We see our babies close to an hour, which is a much more effective way to treat torticollis.

6How do I refer my baby?

The easiest way is to fill out a referral form on this website. We will contact you within 24 hours and see your baby within one week, which is critical at this young age.

Remember – there is no reason to wait. You only have a small window of opportunity, so take it.

7Do you provide any other services?

Yes, our therapists are certified infant massage instructors and frequently hold massage classes in the area or your home. We also deal with fine/gross motor developmental delays caused from a wide variety of conditions.

8What if my doctor just wants to show me some stretches in the office?

Sometimes this is enough, but what we often hear from new parents is that stretching their newborn’s neck is stressful and they tend not to do it. By the time you see the doctor again, the head is flatter and the torticollis is worse.

We are able to come to your home and set up a home program that you will follow and the baby doesn’t cry. This is very important when treating this population. Stress on the baby and/or the parent is counterproductive.

Even just one appointment with Baby Begin can get you well on your way.

If your baby is having trouble with tummy time, we are very good at offering different options and fun activities. This will also help to avoid later developmental delays.

9Where is your office?

Our cars! Because our business is strictly home services, we do not have a clinic where we see patients. We come to you!

10What is the oldest baby you will see?

We see all different aged babies for torticollis. We are getting marked results with our patients for two reasons – the knowledge of our therapists and the baby is in their own environment.

Our youngest patient thus far was 5 days old and our oldest was 24 months. The best time to see a patient for plagiocephaly is before 6 months of age.

11Why can’t I just go to the helmet provider? Don’t they work on the torticollis?

Fortunately, there are great companies that provide a very effective product for reshaping the skull. They will also show a few stretches, but that is it. They do not provide ongoing, intensive therapy at their clinic. They sell helmets – not try to keep you out of one!

If your baby is in a helmet, it is critical that they have regular therapy for their neck. This is the only way to facilitate correction in the skull base – ears, jaw, eyes and face. We work with many babies who are currently in a helmet.

12What is your success rate?

We have been able to keep 90% of our patients out of a helmet if they are referred before 3 months of age.

All of our patients, if following their home program, show marked improvement with their torticollis.

13How long have you been in business and how many babies have you seen?

Baby Begin was started in 2008, and we have seen over 4500 babies thus far.

14Why aren't you in network with insurance companies?

Because we are a very small company, it is difficult to get a reimbursement rate that makes sense with our business model – quality over quantity. At this point, we do not want to jeopardize this quality of care. We are trying to negotiate higher rates, but as you can imagine, this is a very slow process.

We offer highly competitive rates and are willing to work with families as needed. We really don’t want to turn anyone away!

Many of our families have had success with requesting a “Gap Exception” to get our services covered at an in-network level. Ask your carrier if that is an option and let us know if you would like us to help you.

15How long are your appointments?

We are typically at your house for 45 min – 1 hr.

16Will my baby cry during therapy?

We are of the philosophy that babies should be comfortable during therapy. Therefore, we make it our goal to provide you with easy stretches that both you and your baby will tolerate. We also incorporate everything into your daily routine. We know you have enough to do already!