Baby Begin is a company with a passion for preventing plagiocephaly and treating torticollis. To that end, our therapists offer a wide range of services to infants and their families, as well as educational opportunities for parents, physician groups, and other infant focused organization. Baby Begin provides specialized physical and occupational therapy for torticollis and developmental delays, in the patient’s home, where the baby feels most comfortable, and education and instruction on correcting flat head syndrome without the use of a helmet, through safe, strategic repositioning techniques. We also offer infant massage classes in the DFW area, or in the home. For those who live outside the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we are happy to provide a phone/Skype consultation, or offer referrals when hands-on therapy is indicated. If you’re concerned about plagiocephaly or torticollis, and want to ensure your baby the very best start in life, with a healthy and beautiful head shape, contact Baby Begin to learn more about how our talented team of experienced therapists can help.