Advice for New Moms | Taking Baby to a Theme Park

Advice for New Moms | Taking Baby to a Theme Park

Traveling with baby can be so much fun! Seeing new things, showing off your little one to the world – it’s a great opportunity for your whole family. Especially if that family includes other kids, though, you may find yourself traveling with baby to a theme park, which has its good and bad points. We have some advice for new moms to make the good aspects of traveling with baby outweigh the bad.

  • Consider staying on-site. There are many advantages to staying in one of the resorts run by the theme park, including dining passes and special benefits. At the very least, having a good place to nap nearby is a huge plus when you’re traveling with baby in tow.
  • Ask about baby amenities. Especially if you’re staying on the property, many theme parks offer tons of baby-friendly amenities. Age-appropriate toys, “parent swap” systems to allow you and your spouse the opportunity to ride the rides, restaurants geared towards kids- the list goes on and on. Some quick research before you go can help you plan a trip that’s fun for the whole family.
  • Traveling in a pack has its advantages. Consider taking the trip with another family or bringing the grandparents along. Having several adults in your group makes it easy to corral kids and tend to a little one, and having extra kids along is fun for your children.
  • Bring a stroller. While a stroller is not the best way to transport your little one, and we definitely encourage baby wearing, having a mobile napping space can be extremely helpful at a theme park.
  • Pack well. While you may want to carry a diaper bag that’s not terribly cumbersome- perhaps a back pack- it’s important to bring enough gear to make it through the day. Diapers, food, a light blanket to protect him from the sun while he’s napping, a change of clothes and anything else your little sweetheart is going to require, should be within arm’s reach. This, of course, is another vote for staying on-site!

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