3 Important Tips for Traveling with Baby

3 Important Tips for Traveling with Baby

There are plenty of reasons you might be thinking of traveling with baby. Now that the summer is here, you might be headed off to introduce your little one to your favorite vacation spot. Of course, you may even be traveling with baby to meet some relatives who haven’t yet had the opportunity to see your new addition. You may find the prospect daunting, but with a little preparation and some timely advice, you can handle it!

  • Don’t leave home without the necessary supplies. As you’ve learned by now, even a trip to the park involves plenty of gear, so it shouldn’t surprise you that traveling with baby is going to mean some extra baggage. Here’s a handy checklist to help you make sure you’re well-supplied:
    • Diapers, changing pads, wipes, lotions and anything else you’ll need for a change
    • Plastic bags for soiled outfits, diapers and other things that might get wet or need toting separately
    • Blankets and bibs
    • Feeding supplies
    • Clothes, including pajamas, socks, sun hat and booties or shoes
    • Baby toiletries
    • Snacks for you
    • Collapsible stroller and/or sling or front carrier
    • Car seat
    • Baby’s favorite toys
    • Spares of the dire necessities, like pacifiers
  • Air travel takes on a whole new element when you’re traveling with baby. On the one hand, it’s a bit of a challenge to keep a young child occupied on a flight. On the other hand, most airline and airport personnel will do what they can to help make your trip a smooth one. TSA regulations are modified for children, so they’re not separated from their parents or traumatized, and you don’t have to take their shoes on and off. You’ll also be allowed to carry more than three ounces of liquid onto a flight if that liquid is formula, breast milk or some other child-related necessity.
  • Once you’ve reached your destination, try and make your surroundings as “home-like” as possible. Creating a space that feels familiar to your little one will help him to be more comfortable, whichs means less stress for everyone. While some disruption to the routine is unavoidable, try and keep naptimes as close to your usual schedule as you’re able. This will require planning, and perhaps some rehearsal: “training” while you’re baby-wearing can take some practice, but it will make vacation more enjoyable if you don’t have to sit around the hotel room during every nap.

Whether you’re traveling with baby this summer or just staying home, Baby Begin wants to help your baby thrive. Remember, if you need us, and you’re not in town, we’re as close to you as Skype. For information about Baby Begin, please visit our website or any of our social pages, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  

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